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I’ve been having some trouble writing my thoughts on some recent films I’ve watched so I did doodles. Which was a great idea because I had a better time visualizing what exactly pulled me into the movies in the first place.

These drawings eventually turned into the next Movie Briefing: the Illustrated version, yay!

I drew all of this on one page on my clipboard, using a blue fine-point Sharpie and mechanical/color pencils:


I've been busy drawing the initial concepts of a project my boyfriend Mike will be working on. They're nuggets of ideas for a seductive, kick-ass female assassin character: what she might look like, etc. I took a lot of inspiration from comic artist J. Scott Campbell; Google images of “hot female assassins,” guns and Chinese weaponry; and Bond Girls. I was drawing things out of my element and took them as a great practice on figure-drawing and creating action scenes.

I didn’t realize how proud of them I was until I showed them to my mom. She’s been worried about me since I decided to take a break from college. I understand what she must have been feeling seeing me cooped up in my room all day and night, staring at the computer screen. It didn’t look like I was doing much.

But after she’d seen these, she’s been a lot more relaxed and enthusiastic about the artsy stuff I dream of doing. Makes me really glad I accepted Mike’s encouragement to get creative (Thanks again, sweetie).

My big sketchbook couldn’t fit into the scanner, haha, so I hope these iPhone photos will suffice:

First image I drew. I really love the curls of her hair.

^Yes, I know, it hardly looks like a gun. The pose came from this stock image.

You can tell how much I struggled with drawing her feet. Darn you, appendages!

My favorite one. I tried fixing her eyes a number of times but they never did come out well.

^The way her hand is holding the gun came from this screenshot of Emily Mortimer.

Action scene!

^I was influenced by this J. Scott Campbell image.

The spear is really a not-too-subtle phallic metaphor.


I was clearing out desk drawers that haven’t been touched in many years and decided to show a few things I’ve found.

Faces hidden intentionally. A slumber party in eighth grade. And the one and only time I look like my brother.

There was also an embarrassing amount of Naruto fanart that can never be seen ever, ever, ever again. But I did draw some normal things! Um, if lustful looks and champagne were "normal" for 14 year olds to think about.

I also found some middle school papers scribbled with notes we'd exchanged with friends. This is an example of how immature (and albeit inappropriate) we were haha.

I’ve haven’t been putting so much effort into dressing up for Halloween since middle school. I could blame it on getting older but I actually love the holiday. I ritually watched The Nightmare Before Christmas every other October. My fear of anything scary was made up for the fact that I was quite the sweet-tooth. I abashedly used my younger cousins as excuses to go trick-or-treating even as they’re becoming disenchanted with the “kiddie” tradition.

It’s just that I often had a difficult time browsing Spirit stores for a costume that wasn’t:

1) culturally offensive (Ahem, Pocahontas),
2) too revealing (AHEM, POCAHONTAS!) or
3) going to give off this really awful, cheap, vanilla-y plastic smell that has burned itself deep into my nostrils’ memory.

I mean, there would always — and I mean ALWAYS — be some brat every year who’d wear the Scream ghost mask and carry with them a smell so foul I could compare it to bad milk.

My costumes: a stegosaurus at age 5-6 (left) and Vampiress in middle school. (Drawn by Melodie Miu)

Faces hidden to protect the bratty. Dress and crown made by me. (Photo taken by relative)

Two years ago as I was freezing my buttocks off in the cold wearing tights for my Peter Pan (or Robin Hood, no one could tell) costume, it occurred to me that I should also require my Halloween outfit to be:

4) warm. That means sleeves and no scandalous knee-showing.

Since stores weren’t working out for me, I looked to my closet for costumes. I did okay one year as a grandma or elder lady sans walking cane and pearls when I was going through a frumpy, baggy phase.

The only one I actually made was for my younger cousin: a paper gown I taped together from two Tiger Beat magazines. I made her tall Where the Wild Things Are-inspired crown from Chinese newspapers. Despite my hard work, she ended up peeling it off and wearing her Minnie Mouse ears and gloves instead. -__-

Nami from One Piece.

I knocked around some ideas about dressing up as my favorite anime character Nami from One Piece, whose pinwheel arm tattoo and outfits I’ve always admired (especially in the Alabasta and Enies Lobby story arcs).

Or my second-favorite Inoue Orihime from Bleach, who shares the same absentmindedness and strong imagination as me. Both of them also have orange-auburn hair in varying lengths — unless you counted the two-year skip in One Piece — but I would probably have to stuff my bra with beach balls to even have half their cup size.

Daria, the star of Daria.

Stepping away from just anime, I would actually like being Daria from the animated TV series of the same name mostly because I had similar hair and could don glasses, a green jacket with flaps and combat boots. Then practice speaking in a sarcastic monotone all night.

I also thought about dressing up as Buffy Summers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but aside from having blond hair and carrying a stake, I couldn’t pinpoint an outfit of hers that was as memorable as the leather jackets the characters Angel and Spike wore.

Probably my most ambitious idea was to be a female version of Dexter Morgan, the serial killer of serial skillers from Dexter. Female as in wearing short-shorts during the summer instead of long cargo pants. I wanted to try it out for Comic-Con until I learned about the weapons policy so my plan to have various aluminum-foil-and-cardboard knifes was a bust. I ended up feeling a lot better about not going through with it though. I realized it would have been murder to wear leather gloves and lug his signature black duffel bag full of plastic wrap around in the hot San Diego sun.

Well suffice to say, I think I might have found it!

This morning I watched and fell in love with the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you’re also one of the countless people who worships this classic, you’ll understand why I was completely drawn to the main character Clementine.

>>>>>>Stop reading right now if you don’t want MOVIE SPOILERS!!! What I did below was add screenshots and listed out the accessories that I’ll need to get.<<<<<<<

What I loved about her is not only the Manic Pixie Dream Girl personality (which I’ve termed with adoration). Her outfit was simple enough for a lazy asshole like me to wear. She’s most memorable for wearing a tangerine orange-colored sweatshirt and having an ever-changing Crayola rainbow of hair color.

Perhaps this is my excuse to dye my hair for the first time in something outrageous.

This was my favorite outfit of hers. Just look at the hair and black lace!

It’s still about two months until Halloween. But if I really end up doing this, I’ll need:

1) Vibrant Rihanna fire-red hair dye (The least offensive color in my family’s eyes) and some help to get it done
2) Bright colored hair clips or ties; a scrunchie even
3) Pale lipstick
4) Brown kohl eyeliner (For Kate Winslet’s beauty mark and eyebrows)
5) Blue eyeliner (There was an instance she was wearing it)
6) Tangerine orange-colored zip-up sweatshirt
7) Dark blue jeans with a bit of a flare or camo pants
8 ) Plain silver or metal band thumb ring
9) Boots; some sort of clunky shoes
10) Red scarf
11) Flat iron (For the crimped hair do)

I was also staring lovingly at Kate Winslet's makeup throughout the movie.

Her tangerine-colored sweatshirt.

If my Clementine has a Joel — coughmyboyfriendMikecough — it’ll be simple for him to just have:

1) A 5 o’clock shadow
2) Dark coat
3) Small sketch book to carry around to doodle and write about his boring, uneventful life
4) Casette tape to replay our lost memories

Whether we’re awkward wall flowers at a party or suffocating each other with pillows, we’ll always try to be running away from the Erasers through various rooms while holding hands.