Monthly Archives: November 2011

Please don’t use any of these illustrations without my permission.

An ancient promotional poster for a podcast club we wanted to start. Hippos is misspelled.

Halloween poster for the library where I spent all four years of high school volunteering at. Inspired by two very unique-looking classmates.

A logo for a math teacher for an all-faculty club.

An old flier for the Gay Straight Alliance (where I was an ally of) calling for new members.

A flier for the P-Odyssey contest held at my high school library. Collect tickets to be part of the raffle and get an iPod Shuffle!

An old poster for the WebZine club calling for submissions. I've noticed a lot of spelling mistakes in my drawings, like the word "creativity."

My English class wrote and compiled our best poetry into a class book. I had the honor of designing the cover with the faces of all my classmates.

The next year, I drew a cover for both 1st and 5th period English (combined due to lack of budget). Credit goes to Sophia M. for completing the rest of the drawing when I couldn't finish on time.

I'm very proud of how iconic this GSA poster turned out. Even after I've graduated, it still hangs in front of the high school library today.

A holiday themed fliers to get kids to read during the winter break. His expression was partially inspired by Panic! At The Disco.

A colored version of the Holiday Elf. Pastels by Stephanie K.

This is a colored version of the poster advertisement for the First Annual GSA Marriage Booth, where students get "hitched" on Valentine's Day.

More images of books. The high school librarian frequently gave me projects to do, like designing fliers to bring in students and promote literacy.

Not for any specific school event or promo, but I did like this drawing.

St. Patrick's Day theme for the library. The librarian said he looked too happy, not as creepy as the others I've drawn he was so used to seeing.