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My cousin is graduating high school and heading off to college in the Fall! I’m so proud of her and decided to make her a graduation card, the night before the ceremony.

I’m so sleepy right now…

Painted a 11″ x 14″ poster board with bright yellow acrylic paint. Then started on the flowers.

Some main flowers coming to shape.

Added the smaller flowers.

As the paint was drying, I took some green Post-its and drew the congratulatory words with a Sharpie pen and color pencils.

When they were done, I outlined each flower with a thicker, black Sharpie pen.

Added some cute patterns on the inside of the letters.

Cut out each letter with a pair of scissors. I was not very neat.

Brought out my Acrylic Matte Medium and another brush. My favorite substitute for glue.

Painted the backs of each letter, pasted it on the poster board and then painted it over again until it stuck.

Carefully lined each letter so they would fit perfectly.

The card will have every family member’s signature and note for the newest graduate. I put down mine first.

Only Interesting to Me: my paint palette and dirty, dirty brushes.


Everyone in the family signed it. My littler cousin started writing on the back, some cute things, some mean things.

Drawings and sketches from the Basic Composition class I took in my first year of college.

Shell drawing.

Blind contour of my hands and feet.

Sketching drapery.

Drapery Project. Still incomplete.

Gave it some shadow.

The start of the Shell Drawing Project.

Experimented with ink wash. Reminded me of a rose.

Put in more darker colors, gave it a realistic feel and pop.

Starting on the Old Masterpiece Project.

I’m sad to say I do not remember the old artist whose art I was copying.

Finished with ink wash. If you didn’t already know, this image is my Twitter background!

For my final project, I drew self portraits of myself wearing headphones with a play on my name and the word “melody.”

My favorite one and my class’s too. Charcoal and ink wash.

Please don’t use any of my images without permission.

Here’s the edgy, fun K-TOWN cast with two new members, Cammy Chung and Jowe Lee.

The photo was just posted on the Facebook page:

Top from left: Young, Scarlet and Steve. Middle: Jasmine and Cammy. Bottom: Joe, Violet and Jowe.

Follow, interact with everyone on Twitter:

Jasmine (@JASMINECHANG089)

Scarlet (@Scarlet_Chan)

Violet (@violetcriMEs)

Steve (@MohawkSteve)

Joe (@JoeKtownCha)

Young (@Younglee11)

Cammy (@cammychung)

Jowe (@ITZJOW3)

EDIT. If you haven’t already seen the trailer, here it is again:

Watch the IWNY live panel where producers Mike Le and Tyrese Gibson (R&B singer, “Transformers” and “Fast Five” star) talk about K-TOWN finding a home on Youtube.

Again, they’ll be debuting their first season on the LOuD channel on July 2. Mark your calendars!


TwitPic from @marikatogo of Tyrese saying: “Haters are the best promoters.”

To piggyback off the K-TOWN cast member/infamous blogger Violet Kim, you can also read the official press release on the Daily Markets below:

      —Developed and Executive Produced by Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley’s DiGa in Association with Tyrese Gibson’s HQ Productions, K-Town Showcases the Asian American Experience and Subculture as it has Never Been Captured Before —

      NEW YORK, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ben Silverman’s multimedia entertainment studio Electus, an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ:IACI), today announced K-Town – the first of many high-impact series from Electus’ new pop-culture channel, LOUD, slated to launch on YouTube™ on July 2nd.

      Created and executive produced by Tyrese Gibson’s HQ Productions, K-Town is a new, dynamic unscripted reality show that explores the lives of incredibly colorful Asian Americans who reside in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles – the vibrant Korean culture center that is sandwiched between the bohemian spirit of downtown Los Angeles and the business district of the Miracle Mile. From karaoke bars to night clubs, the series follows the cast as they discover themselves and what it means to be Asian American growing up in the 21st century. To view the exclusive K-Townteaser video, please visit:

      “We are excited to partner with such visionaries as Ben Silverman, Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley to launch K-Town into the pop-culture stratosphere,” said Tyrese Gibson, Founder of HQ Productions. “LOUD is the perfect platform for chronicling the social rituals of this unique Asian American subculture. While nothing about this series is commonplace, the show is highly-relatable as the cast’s personal stories, struggles and triumphs are universal.”

      “Asians have always been viewed through the media as either exaggerated stereotypes or the one-dimensional model minority,” said Executive Producer Mike Le. “K-Town is a celebration of what it’s like to be a young Asian in America today. It’s not just about playing the piano and being great at math. We’re also sexy, stylish, have swagger, and can party with the best of them.”

      Conceptualized by Electus Founder and Emmy and Golden Globe winning producer Ben Silverman (The Biggest Loser, The Office, Mob Wives, Fashion Star) with consultation from DiGa, co-founded by Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley – the former MTV executives responsible for the creation and development of the biggest hits in the network’s history (Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Laguna Beach, The Hills, 16 and Pregnant), LOUD will be the newest home for fresh, edgy, entertaining series featuring celebrities as well as popular YouTube™ talent, creating the perfect blend of unique characters and buzz-worthy content that will launch into the collective cultural consciousness.

      “When Tony and I first met with Tyrese and his producing partners, we quickly realized that the concept behind K-Town was a very unique, untapped subculture in American media. We instantly saw it as a fertile ground for a highly entertaining, unscripted show that would play incredibly well to the LOUD audience,” said Liz Gateley, Co-Founder, DiGa. “In the same way the culture of Jersey Shore has their own lingo and philosophies, the K-Town cast has theirs and audiences will become enthralled with the individual personalities and fascinating lifestyles depicted in the show.”

      “We are proud to make true on the promise of programming a YouTube™ channel where we can find a home for a show like K-Town that challenges what is traditionally shown on television in so many ways,” said Drew Buckley, COO and Head of Digital at Electus. “We’re looking forward to creating even more TV-quality programming by and for the YouTube™ audience.”

      The cast of K-Town includes:

      Jasmine (@JASMINECHANG089): A hairstylist who was born and raised in Koreatown. Whether it’s her platinum blond locks or her loud infectious laugh, Jasmine is the undeniable center of attention wherever she goes.

      Scarlet (@Scarlet_Chan): A former exotic dancer who is sexually liberated and not afraid to express it. Scarlet is a self-admitted troublemaker who is introduced to the Koreatown scene by her close friend, Jasmine.

      Violet (@violetcriMEs): A single mother and the drama queen of K-Town. Whether she’s at work as a bartender at Vibe, a popular nightclub in Koreatown, or posting gossip on her much read and dreaded blog, drama and boys follow her wherever she goes.

      Steve (@MohawkSteve): Known as “Mr. K-Town,” Steve is the quintessential “drink all night, sleep all day” type of guy who possesses the uncanny ability to strike a lasting impression on any girl.

      Joe (@JoeKtownCha): As the owner of Reflective Productions, Joe runs the biggest Asian nightclub in all of Los Angeles, which positions him at the epicenter of the K-town nightlife. Joe is weighed down by the pressures of the competitive Koreatown party scene while simultaneously juggling family responsibilities and his intense gym routines.

      Young (@Younglee11): A promoter for the TAO Group, the hottest nightclub group in Las Vegas, Young comes to K-Town to fulfill his life-long dream of being an international star.

      Cammy (@cammychung): Known as K-Town’s sweetheart, Cammy is a waitress at the most iconic bar in Koreatown.

      Jowe (@ITZJOW3): The self-proclaimed “Prince of K-Town” who drives a fast car and lives a fast life.

      K-Town is created and executive produced by HQ Productions (Tyrese Gibson, Mike Le, Eugene Choi, and Eddie Kim) and executive produced by Electus (Ben Silverman, Drew Buckley, Evan Bregman) and DiGa (Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley).

      Officially launching on Monday, July 2nd, Electus will announce The LOUD Channel’s full talent and programming slate in the coming weeks. Viewers can subscribe to The LOUD Channel for trailers and show updates at For additional information or to connect with LOUD’s social media platforms, please visit:

      Google Plus:

      About Electus

      Electus is the first integrated multimedia entertainment studio to unite producers, creators, advertisers and distributors under one roof and produce all forms of content for distribution across a variety of platforms around the world. Headed by Ben Silverman in partnership with IAC [NASDAQ: IACI], the company connects advertisers, distributors and content creators early on in the development process, enabling marketers and advertisers to be a true partner in campaigns and content creation. Electus International, the global distribution arm of Electus, is responsible for all international sales and distribution for Electus’ programming and its studio partners as well as programs and formats from other well-known 3rd party providers. For more information on Electus, visit

      About DiGa

      DiGa Vision, LLC is a newly formed, full-service entertainment production company co-founded by Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley. DiGa, which means “to speak” in Spanish and is a combination of DiSanto and Gateley’s last names, will create, develop and produce prime-time cable and network reality and scripted television programming, feature films and digital content. DiGa’s signature style and unique voice reflect the pop culture relevance, distinctive visuals and seamless execution that DiSanto and Gateley are well recognized for.

      About HQ Productions

      HQ Productions is the multimedia entertainment company started by Grammy-nominated singer and star of Fast Five and the Transformers franchise, Tyrese Gibson. HQ Productions develops and produces original content for film, TV, music, publishing and digital. Previously, HQ Productions produced the reality series First Infor the BET network and published the bestselling comic book Mayhem through Image with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. HQ Production’s music division, Voltron Recordz, produced and released Gibson’s latest album, Open Invitation.

      Media Contacts
      Stacy Simpson

      Sunshine Sachs
      Jessica Berger / Dani Dalesandro
      212.691.2800 /

The trailer for K-TOWN is finally here!!! Read the Hollywood Reporter for the exclusive article now:

The first season will debut on the LOuD channel on Youtube on July 2.

Follow the reality show on Facebook

OR on Twitter!/KTownRealityTV.

As I’ve posted on my dad’s blog Man’ority Report, the K-TOWN Reality Show is almost here!

Mike’s flying the RedEye tonight to New York to make a huuugggeeee announcement the following day about the show with his producing partner and actor/singer Tyrese Gibson. It’s actually his first time there; the sleepless city he often fantasized about, where action movies have destroyed numerous times and Woody Allen have made his films.

The last month was the most hectic and thrilling experience of my life and I’m so happy that two long years of hard work will finally come true for him and his fellow producers Eugene Choi and Eddie Kim. Everyone involved has been amazing and you’ll quickly fall in love with this very sexy and vibrant cast.

If you’ve got Facebook, catch the big news later today by “liking” the fanpage:

OR follow them on Twitter @KTownRealityTV.

Here are some photos from the film shoot:

From left: Scarlet, Violet and Jasmine chatting it up at Beer Belly.

From left: Joe, Young and Steve looking hard at a kickboxing gym.

The cast setting up Soju Bombs at the Gaam Noraebang karaoke bar.

I published three comic strips during my time as an editor on The Campanil. I drew them out on printer paper with a ruler, scanned them in then added font and brushed everything up on Photoshop.

I didn’t have anything written beforehand and just drew it out while reciting lines to myself.

I drew the first strip after Mike, who was not my boyfriend at the time, emailed me saying he liked my article about the K-Town Reality Show that he was producing (It’s actually how we first met). So outside of that sphere, I was completely bewildered by the fact that anyone involved in Hollywood admired something I had written.

I had to capture the many complex emotions running through me at that time in the only way I knew best.

(Click to see the full images)

I have had bad skin for the longest time and wanted to get all my thoughts and frustrations about it out in illustrative form.

There’s a joke about the “Mills College bubble” at my school that is all too true. This was a small feminist comic strip that resonated with quite a few classmates.

I was watching my new guilty pleasure, Fashion Star, and had an urge to do some styling. Although I was limited by my lack of sewing skills, fortunately the internet is blessed with easy DIY T-shirt designs that could be done with a pair of scissors.

I was very intrigued by the skull cut-out and decided to reuse an old shirt to do just that.

Here are all the Google searches for “skull cut-out”:

I put a piece of paper inside to show you the skull cut-out.

I sketched out the skull on the back of the shirt with a white color pencil; making sure the eyes, nose and toothy smile were the right size in the right place.

Don’t worry about the lines not being clean enough, it gives the skull a more jagged, casual edge.

I had a ton of trouble with just a regular pair of scissors so if you have fabric shears, you’re in luck.

Tools: scissors and a white color pencil.

I wore it and thought it was missing something so I decided to make the T-shirt off-shoulder.

This is the video tutorial by the Youtuber CaraAmelie on how to do so:

And here’s a picture that’s only interesting to me:

All the fabric scraps.