Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mike and I are working on some meme ideas to help promote the upcoming July debut of the K-Town Reality Show. He found the nerdy Asian girl image (after shifting through countless unfiltered porn images) and I fiddled around on Photoshop.

In case you didn’t know, the bottom image is of the very vivacious cast member Scarlet Chan.

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I’m heading back to LA again tomorrow morning for more K-TOWN Reality Show filming this week so I’ll miss Father’s Day. I didn’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day either for the same reason so at the last minute, I made a combined card for my parents.

I love them and if my folks are reading this as they always are, I’m sorry I won’t be here this weekend.

Cut a sketch page into halves and painted both sides abstractly with yellow and light gray acrylic paint. It would be a two-in-one card for my parents.

With a fine Sharpie pen and color pencils, I drew out the letters of the greeting then carefully cut them out. I cut three of them in half, where it’ll be split in the middle.

Drew funny images of my mom and dad on their iPad and iPhone respectively. You often see them like this in the living room, tapping and clicking and sipping wine away if not watching a Chinese travel or procedural show.

Using acrylic matte medium as a glue, I pasted each image and word onto the card once everything dried. Then wrote in the rest of the greeting.

Top left: “I was initially going to draw the both of you hiking…”

Top right: “But I thought this was a better, more honest image.”

Bottom left: “Sorry for not being here this weekend to celebrate. I hope this card will bring you some smiles and chuckles.”

Bottom right: “Thank you for always being there for us. LOVE, YOUR KIDS: Derek & Melodie.”

Only Interesting to Me: Paint brushes, paint palette and a jar of acrylic matte medium.

My folks recently in Canada.