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Episode 3 of K-TOWN was released yesterday. Watch it now. If you already have, rewatch it again!

Below are some memes I made. I know, I know, Steve’s dancing was another big highlight but his moves deserved to be a viral GIF. And I…don’t know how to make GIFs yet.

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Made two more K-TOWN memes alongside yesterday’s release of Episode 2.

Meet Douglas, the man whom Scarlet and Jasmine humorously referred to as “Colonel Sanders” for wearing a dapper, three-piece suit straight of the 40’s. His scene was easily my favorite and he’s been garnering some vocal fans who demand for more Douglas.

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We released the first episode of the K-Town Reality Show and had an amazing debut yesterday, breaking over 50,000 views by the end of 24 hours.

Many beer glasses were clinked and high fives exchanged during our small screening party last night (photos below).

Watching the first episode on the TV screen in the back room of Kings of New York (a pizza place). Cast member Scarlet LOLing in front.

Jasmine cheering with the producer Eddie Kim next to her.

Eddie and fellow producer Eugene Choi (in blue) standing in the back. I’m so proud of them and Mike.

The loudest, proudest ones in the room. Jasmine plays around with Scarlet.

As the cast member Steve has put it succinctly, it’s definitely “our most well-behaved ep.”

Want more? Watch the trailer below to see what happens this season of K-TOWN:

The first episode of the K-TOWN Reality Show comes out tomorrow at 7 a.m. PST on the Youtube premium LOUD Channel! Subscribe now:

Until then, here are some pictures that were taken of me during production.

Early breakfast at Kitchen 24. During one of our few free days.

Fell asleep during a pick up shoot. Fellow P.A. Yasmin sneakily snapped this gem.

At the DIT table. Probably the only photo of me actually “working.”

Organizing B-roll footage on AViD. Mike snuck up behind the screen with his phone.

Mike (right) and I at the red carpet launch party at The Belasco.

After the party, we all went to BCD Tofu House in Koreatown for food.

Sitting next to the K-Town cast member “Mohawk” Steve. I dub the look on my face as the “Coy Fish.”

Me and Yasmin, two troublemakers.

Messing around with Mike and fellow producer Eddie Kim on the video conference.

UM, SO MUCH BRAGGING RIGHT NOW: I got my first IMDb credit!!!

I made Mike’s birthday card in a course of three sporadic days. Didn’t think about taking photos of it for my blog until it was almost finished.

It’s just drawing little things on the printer paper then cutting up and glue-sticking them on a poster board. Making it very special and personal for The Boyfriend, with some inside jokes.

Color pencils, printer paper, highlighters, lead pencils, erasers, a pair of scissors, glue stick and Sharpie pens.

Mike snapped a photo of this doodle before I added it to the card. I’ve never watched the movie but I know of the scene.

The finished product. That blurry hot mess on the right is just my message to Mike that’s only meant for him.