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Not to brag or anything but this little drawing was a hit amongst my Facebook friends.

It was based on some tweets I wrote out of bitterness and someone jokingly asked me to draw it. I had an extra sheet of paper after the exam so it worked out well.

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It’s the tenth episode and also the season finale to the first season of K-TOWN. It’s been an amazing ride and my eyes got a little teary when the credits rolled around.

But I can’t imagine the euphoria Mike and his fellow producers Eddie and Eugene must be feeling after two long years of hard work put into it.

Filming for season two is starting this week and I can’t believe I’ll have to miss it because of school. Damn you film history midterm! At least I’ll have Mid-November to look forward to when the premiere arrives.

Watch it now if you haven’t already:

SUMMARY: The season finale. Joe and Steve’s friendship is on the brink of collapse. Scarlet and Jasmine try to get them to settle down and talk it out — but not until both men put aside their pride.

And here are this week’s memes. I’m a little sad I won’t be making any more of them until probably Thanksgiving.

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After I got some late night coffee in me, I had the urge to draw something.

This is me waiting for the bus. Pencil and Sharpie. Then tidied up on Photoshop.

Taken on my camera phone. The draft before I refined it some more. I always leave the feet for last.

Scanned. (Don’t be that jerk who’d use other people’s illustrations without the artist’s permission.)

A closer look.

Catch K-TOWN’s Episode 9: The Night of Chaos now!

SUMMARY: Violet wants to be back with Jowe but his mixed signals leave their future uncertain. The cast reels over Joe’s mistreatment of them — especially Steve, who became the brunt of all Joe’s frustrations. Things escalate even further during the group dinner when Steve and Joe get into a fist fight inside a karaoke room.

Also, don’t forget this week’s bonus episode! It’s K-Town Downtime: Starcraft!

SUMMARY: For all you people complaining there isn’t enough Starcraft in our show. By popular demand, K-Town’s Steve gives the viewers a glimpse into a night of downtime in K-Town!

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It’s not a bad thing! But I’ve realized, since I was at least five years old, that everyone in my family relies on the artist (me) to quickly whip up a birthday card.

This is for my dad. He’s really into hiking and Apple products so I added both elements into his card.

He’s actually right-handed but it was only after I was halfway through with lining it with a Sharpie pen did I notice the mistake.

It’ll be colored when I have more time.

EDIT. My dad scanned it for everyone to see:

Don’t be that jerk who’d use other people’s artworks without permission.

Reposted on his blog Man’ority Report:

“Ever since my daughter…was old enough to hold a crayon, I have been getting the same sweet present from her every year and this morning is no different (thank you for the hair). This time she captures my two recent passion: gadgets and travel. In fact, the funest part of travelling for me is the technology, how I make use of the tools and what I carry to make the best of the experience. And it is interesting to see the iPhone now becoming the single tool that I need. I still pack my Macbook Air but that’s only because of +Man’ority Report. The rest I can do almost exclusively with the following apps: +TripAdvisor, Yelp, +Hipmunk, Tripit, +Airbnb, +Evernote, FlightTrack, AllTrails and Camera+.”

Happy Birthday, Baba!