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The seventh episode and season finale is now out! Witness the K-TOWN Reality Show’s most shocking spectacle yet.

SUMMARY: “These two just need to make the f**k up!” -Jasmine”

      The season finale. Young and So Young’s American wedding is a beautiful and tear-jerking send-off for their new life in Guam. That is until Steve nervously delivers his best man’s speech. But his flub is quickly forgotten when he ruins Joe’s big surprise at the ceremony after, making it the show’s most outrageous episode yet. With special guest appearances from AMERICAN IDOL singer Andrew Garcia and comedian Paul “PK” Kim.

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    The second-to-last episode of the K-TOWN Reality Show is now out!

    SUMMARY: “You f***** up. That was your fault, you know he’s never done weddings before.” – Scarlet

        For Young’s sake, the cast manages to pull themselves from the chaos of the previous night and hash things out. The next day, everyone meets up at the Koreatown Plaza to make some last minute errand runs for the wedding. While shopping for Young’s gift, Joe surprises the guys when he confesses he still thinks Jessica is “the one” despite their very public fight. However, the pressure of the wedding duties unravel the group once again as Steve forgets a key ingredient for the bar, Christine can’t find the flower shop, and Joe screws up one of the most important elements of the ceremony, which brings out the wrath of Scarlet.

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