Monthly Archives: February 2013


This was the experimental sketch of the “mobile cube” I did for my current contemporary art class. I had the idea of pushing around a cube-shaped work desk with wheels where I can keep various items and supplies within its shelves.

When we were put into groups, my teammates and I decided to make three differently-sized mobile cubes out of cardboard.

For each cube, we cut out 4 squares and 6 triangles which we carefully attached together with a TON of tape. The sizes were approximately 3″ by 3″, 12″ by 12″ and 20″ by 20″.

One teammate sawed a tube into wheels and hot-glued them to the bottom of the cubes, whereas another teammate and I painted the medium-sized cube in bright blue and red colors.


If the cubes were made of wood, they definitely would have had actual wheels, hinges, a lock and edges for the shelves inside so things wouldn’t shift around if the cubes were to be moved.

I think they’re really adorable, especially when they’re stacked together. It looks like a robot.



EDIT. Here’s a photo of me working on an earlier architecture project with my class.