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Another for my contemporary art class. I have to take a piece of bread that I eat in my daily life — in this case, a bagel — and create a map inspired by the bread.

For my map, I drew out and listed the ingredients bagels are made of such as wheat flour, yeast and malt syrup.

I did the drawing with an ultra fine-point Sharpie pen. No tracing was done beforehand.


EDIT. A photo I took of our class presentation. My favorite was the painted one of the big croissant with European flags on it in which my fellow classmate mapped out its ‘Fake History.’


Please don’t be that jerk who’d use other people’s illustrations without their permission.

We did some stop motion animation for my contemporary art class. I don’t know if the video will be uploaded but probably not. (Check out the final video below)

The video my team made was about another team mate’s vision she achieved during her traditional Lakota naming ceremony in which she saw herself first seated in a sweat lodge. Then she floated up to the top of the trees where she saw a bear roaring and waving its long claws. A flock of birds flew by, one of which flew towards her in which she pulled it into her chest capturing its essence. Then she discovered her Lakota name, translated to “Bear Heart Spirit Woman.”

I was in charge of making drawings of her which they scanned in and shrunk to a small size.

IMG_2713 (1)

We used a simple set up of a camera, tripod, two lights and the application Single Framer.


Here’s the final product:

ElsysVision from Mills New Genres on Vimeo.