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My grandpa, Kwing Ng, is a legend. No one knew a man as kindhearted, hardworking, honest, and humble as my grandpa. Stories about his character are spoken about like how heroic epics are recited.

He could tackle any fixer-upper with a toolbox and a pair of his signature black rubber boots. He retired in his seventies without ever missing work, personally handing back his company 4 months of sick days he never used. He hated the idea of anyone he loved going hungry and found the biggest joy in simply seeing his giant family having dim sum together — his treat, of course. Spitting circumstances in the face, he mustered up strength to smile at us multiple times even when he struggled to drink water. And he genuinely loved musicals like THE SOUND OF MUSIC and THE KING AND I, having memorized every tune by heart.

He was Ulysses without the temper. He was John Wayne without the glamour. He was Jean-Luc Picard with an even handsomer smile. Without my grandpa, the world is now a little less happy, a little less bright, and a little less magical.

My grandparents and me at my graduation in May 2014.

My grandparents and me at my graduation in May 2014.