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My mom’s birthday was earlier this week. Being the wonderful daughter that I am, I didn’t make her a birthday card until now.

Here it is, albeit belated:


Because she’s a vegetarian, har. Happy Birthday, Mama!

Done with colored pencils, Sharpie pens, Scotch tape, and sketch paper.

Visited my dear friend Sharde at her place. As she cooked us a really yummy lunch and served me raspberry beer and snacks — very much an awesome hostess — I petted her cats Tao and Taboo, watched Drunk Kitchen, and walked around her apartment, admiring her decor.

While watching SNOWPIERCER and part of FROZEN, we painted in her living room using her supplies. She had a few small canvases and a huge collection of brushes and acrylic paints (with colors even I don’t have yet).

While she went the abstract route, I painted her smothering her ‘sons’ Tao and Taboo — an overdue gift. She loved it.


In this post, I want to briefly mention that I was rejected today for a juried exhibition I desperately wanted to be a part of. It sucks. It really, really sucks. Especially when I submitted what I still believe is my best, most ambitious work.

I told some people it was my first time submitting art but it’s not the first time I’ve been rejected by a gallery. Right now, after some comforting words and hugs from Mike, a cup of coffee, late-night hash browns and R&B therapy, I feel okay. Still sad, but okay.

I have so much to look forward to; I’m only just starting out. I will continue doing research to look for more exhibitions and creating even more art.

Above all else, I’m beyond grateful for my mom who helped me drop off the artwork when I was out of town, for Mike who always seem to know what to say to make me feel better, and other very nice people, like Sharde who messaged me to keep trying and my former professor who emailed me some PDFs to uplift me.


Yesterday, Saturday, I celebrated two people’s birthdays (my friend Francesca and my paternal grandpa, who turned 80) and made two birthday cards.

Since Francesca is a big fan of Pusheen the Cat (the chubby little feller on Facebook) and we often communicated with each other using those cat emojis, I drew her a bunch of Pusheen Cats. I sketched the images first with a pencil, traced over them with an ultra fine-point black Sharpie, and colored them in with Faber-Castell color pencils. I added a bunch of bats as well, since Francesca loves those critters too.



The card.

The card.

I presented it to her during her birthday high tea. We felt just as fancy as we looked.

She's such a darling. I also gave her that charm bracelet.

She’s such a darling. I also gave her that charm bracelet.

Thank you for the photo, birthday girl.

Thank you for the photo, birthday girl.

For my grandpa, I drew a caricature of him using a photo — which prompted him to comment that his cartoon was wearing his old pair of glasses.

It’s about 7 inches tall; I colored and masking-taped it over to make it sturdy, waterproof, and so other relatives can sign their birthday greetings on the back without the ink bleeding through. With some folded up paper and tape, I also made it a base and backing so the cartoon could stand up.


I wasn’t done with it by the time dinner rolled around so I was cutting tape and fixing its edges at the restaurant with my big ol’ scissors and giant masking-tape roll.

The man on the left is my grandpa. Do you see his cartoon self on the table?

The man on the left is my grandpa. Do you see his cartoon self on the table?

He liked it.