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I made a schedule of 2016-2017 Project Goals (for my eyes only) and I reached my first goal today, yay!

It was to nail down the lower third/onscreen designs for my ongoing web show, Token Talk presented by Racebending. You got the sneak peek in a previous post but after more than a month of doing test runs and working in my colleagues’ notes, I finally figured out the design format.

For the 'NEWS' segment.

For the ‘NEWS’ segment.

'NEWS' segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

‘NEWS’ segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

Image above: our show starts off with a “This Week In News” segment that does a roundup of news in diversity, racebending, social justice, etc. Sometimes the host Dariane Nabor does the news solo and sometimes she might have a guest host like our co-producer Catherine Manabat, so the main titles reflect that. I also wanted to credit Peter Ngaou as he’s been responsible for gathering the most interesting news bytes for our roundup.

I created a photo sidebar that would have a short caption and accompanying image. It’s specifically on stage left so Dariane can sit stage right (where she has full view of both the prompter and live feed) and a guest host can sit center.

'GUEST INTERVIEW' segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

‘GUEST INTERVIEW’ segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

Image above: For the “Guest Interview” portion, there’s another photo sidebar (that’s smaller than the sidebar during the “News” segment for a reason) with specific images and captions our guest(s) would like us to promote. This includes projects, current/past gigs, and the items they’re selling in the Token Talk store. Using the Tricaster provided by XSN, we can make the image fullscreen too.

In the main title boxes, I add in their names, occupation, special announcements, fun facts, and any social media accounts they might have.

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Or the informally named “Hand On Chin” photo series. Whenever I feel stuck on a main project, I’d draw myself to recalibrate.

I can’t begin to describe how magical it’s been illustrating using the Cintiq 13HD Touch graphic pen tablet. My line work’s been more detailed, accurately reflecting how I would usually draw with a regular pencil and paper. Used a variety of Oil, Acrylic, and wash brushes from