Melodie Miu is a fangirl, writer, and artist who sometimes updates this blog. She is mostly interested in social justice, intersectionality, films, comic books, YA novels, K-pop, ASOIAF, Shondaland, and being complimented.

This blog has become a smorgasbord of artistic experiments I’m trying out, which includes a ton of strange drawings of myself.

FYI: Please don’t use any of my illustrations or photos without my permission, except for the K-TOWN and ROLL MODELS memes. I don’t often add watermarks because they make images look terrible. So I’m counting on you, random Internet lurker, to not be an enormous jerk.

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In the studio.

In the studio.

FAQ (aka Frequently Anticipated Questions):

Q1: So, what did you study in college?
A: “English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing” and a minor in studio art.

Q1: Why would you study English? Don’t you already speak English?
A: gtfo

Q1: But—
A: You heard me. Next question.

Q2: Are you going to be one of those artists who draws people’s cartoons at the beach?
A: Sigh.

Q2: Well, are you?
A: Is…is this really necessary? We as a society have already decided to hate arts and humanities, much less beach caricaturists. Can’t I just pursue something that gives my life meaning? And might give others meaning? Do you have any idea how much you shouldn’t trust me as a doctor or engineer? I would endanger everyone just to make a point that I’m terrible at it. Lemme have this one. Lemme make pretty art and write stories about people making out and fighting crime. It could save your life.

Q2: What do your parents think of all this?
A: I think they’re fine with it? I mean, they have a little trouble explaining to people what exactly I’d studied but I think they’ve known since I was really young that I wasn’t cut out for the life of a lawyer. Huh. Isn’t it funny that women of color get this kind of question all the—

Q1: Okay, I’m back.
A: OMFG I told you to leave.

Q1: But someone needs to constantly make you feel bad about your life choices! How are you going to make money? Are you planning to work as a secretary? Do you like being poor? How will you support all of the children I’ve decided you will have? Twelve of them, in fact. Do you even have a 401(k) set up?

October 2014.

October 2014.

  1. That’s a very witty FAQ, though I am not sure everyone knows what GTFO means. I see nothing wrong with drawing caricatures at the beach…actually, that sounds refreshing (as I have yet to try it). But, I understand you view that as being some poor art bum instead of a “performance artiste.” You are striving for gold, not pennies. Got it.

    You’ve got some drawing skills/chops. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for visiting my site! Albeit I did make an unfair generalization about beach caricaturists. But I was making the bigger point about how I often get that question (“Are you going to draw cartoons at the beach?”) because a lot of people don’t understand or know how artists make their living.

      • ‘Not too often someone uses the word “albeit.” You seem like a girl with quite the lexicon. 🙂

        I suppose, being of Asian descent, you get a mixed bag of: “Are you going to be a poor beach bum or get a real brainy job that pays well?”

        And, I find it insulting when people generalize drawing or art in general as “cartoons.” I draw mostly cartoons. But, not everything I do is cartoons. And, sometimes I really try to break the mold and do a serious portrait. So, if someone calls it a sketch or cartoon, it kinda hurts.

        I suppose some people do better and have the luxury of working at a beach; so maybe it works for them. But, it doesn’t mean they are poor, lazy bums.

      • Um, okay. Look, it sounds like you came to my blog with the intention of debating me. This whole thing about cartoons is obviously something you have a lot of opinions about. And you keep making me your target of resentment with your weird comments about me having the “luxury” of being an ‘artiste.’ I’ve already explained the context of my FAQ; I can’t help solve or settle this for you any further. Bye.

      • Nope. No intention on debates. I am not a debate predator. I occasionally engage in them but do not look to start them.

        And, you are not a target of my resentment at all. Where are you getting that?

        That was not directed at you from me! That is what other people say to artists. Calm down! Geez.

  2. Also, you misplaced what I said…or I did. Luxury is a term some use to say, “Gee, it must be nice to have so much free time.” None of what I said other than you having a nice lexicon was directed at you personally. I was speaking of artists in general and sympathizing with you. An artist who can support him or herself at the beach sounds like someone at peace with the world and quite fortunate. I was just saying it’s not nice of some people to think artists are no good bums.

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