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The seventh episode and season finale is now out! Witness the K-TOWN Reality Show’s most shocking spectacle yet.

SUMMARY: “These two just need to make the f**k up!” -Jasmine”

      The season finale. Young and So Young’s American wedding is a beautiful and tear-jerking send-off for their new life in Guam. That is until Steve nervously delivers his best man’s speech. But his flub is quickly forgotten when he ruins Joe’s big surprise at the ceremony after, making it the show’s most outrageous episode yet. With special guest appearances from AMERICAN IDOL singer Andrew Garcia and comedian Paul “PK” Kim.

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    The second-to-last episode of the K-TOWN Reality Show is now out!

    SUMMARY: “You f***** up. That was your fault, you know he’s never done weddings before.” – Scarlet

        For Young’s sake, the cast manages to pull themselves from the chaos of the previous night and hash things out. The next day, everyone meets up at the Koreatown Plaza to make some last minute errand runs for the wedding. While shopping for Young’s gift, Joe surprises the guys when he confesses he still thinks Jessica is “the one” despite their very public fight. However, the pressure of the wedding duties unravel the group once again as Steve forgets a key ingredient for the bar, Christine can’t find the flower shop, and Joe screws up one of the most important elements of the ceremony, which brings out the wrath of Scarlet.

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      The most intense, controversial episode of the K-TOWN Reality Show just came out today as a belated Christmas present for the viewers, old and new.

      SUMMARY: “This group is freaking hopeless.” – Young

          After being pulled out of a cat fight with Violet, Jessica gives Joe an ultimatum — he has to either choose her or his friendship with Jowe — but Joe is unable to give her a straight answer. Their intense arguing lights a fire to the tensions within the cast. Steve attempts to salvage Young’s bachelor party until Jasmine accuses him of kissing another girl at the bar behind Christine’s back. Frustrated at his friends’ inability to get along, Young threatens to walk out and cancel the wedding.

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        Sorry for the belated meme post. I had to make them very quickly before I left for my four day road trip to Florida with Mike. I just got to The Sunshine State a few hours ago and settled in with the in-laws.

        If you haven’t already watched Episode 4 of K-TOWN Season 2, don’t miss out now! See it here:

        SUMMARY: “Who takes their shoes off during a strip?” – Joe

        The Bachelor Party From Hell: Part 1 (from season 1):

            The cast heads to Busby’s for Young’s second bachelor party only to find the club empty. Despite Steve’s screw up, everyone makes the most of it and still has a blast. Steve and Jowe attempt to hit on some girls at the bar while Scarlet surprises So Young with a lap dance she won’t forget. Everyone’s fun is cut short when Joe’s girlfriend Jessica picks a fight with Steve and then Jowe and then Violet, which quickly escalates into an all-out brawl on the dance floor.

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          Episode 3 of Season 2 of the K-Town Reality Show is out!

          Please watch “Friendly Fire” now:

          SUMMARY: “Who needs enemies when I’ve got friends like you?” – Scarlet

              Annoyed about Steve making out with her sister Christine, Jasmine directs her anger at her BFF Scarlet for getting into her business. A string of conflicts is set off and reveals the ongoing beef between Scarlet and Violet. The next day, Jasmine brings the girls to the gun range to fire off some rounds as a hangover cure. Scarlet and Jasmine go out for some dim sum while the guys enjoy a round of beer bong and Korean BBQ. Steve starts seeing red when Christine and Jowe begin flirting with each other.

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            Season 2 Episode 2 of the K-TOWN Reality Show is outttt!!!!!!

            Watch it, watch it, watch it.

            SUMMARY: “Why did you kiss me? That was- wasn’t that, that was like mutual, right?” – Steve

                “Young has a full day: a fun morning at the comic book store with Violet and her son and then a lunch date with Christine, So Young and So Young’s mom. In spite of her imposing presence, Young’s mother-in-law surprises everyone at the table by thanking him for being a good husband to her daughter. Later that night at the bar, the cast breaks last season’s record with an epic mega-Seoul Train. Tipsy, Steve makes a move on Christine — pissing off the overprotective Jasmine.”

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              It’s the tenth episode and also the season finale to the first season of K-TOWN. It’s been an amazing ride and my eyes got a little teary when the credits rolled around.

              But I can’t imagine the euphoria Mike and his fellow producers Eddie and Eugene must be feeling after two long years of hard work put into it.

              Filming for season two is starting this week and I can’t believe I’ll have to miss it because of school. Damn you film history midterm! At least I’ll have Mid-November to look forward to when the premiere arrives.

              Watch it now if you haven’t already:

              SUMMARY: The season finale. Joe and Steve’s friendship is on the brink of collapse. Scarlet and Jasmine try to get them to settle down and talk it out — but not until both men put aside their pride.

              And here are this week’s memes. I’m a little sad I won’t be making any more of them until probably Thanksgiving.

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