Drawings and Sketches

[Portrait #1]


This is a belated Christmas present for my lovely friend. I tried to capture her adoration for origami, cherry blossoms, and Audrey Hepburn (I used the actress’ famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s photo as reference) — as well as her favorite colors mint green, pale pink, and dark hues. I had a ton of fun drawing her hair and experimenting with light and shadow.

Not sure why WordPress isn’t allowing a full size version of the portrait on my page but here’s a hair detail.


Or the informally named “Hand On Chin” photo series. Whenever I feel stuck on a main project, I’d draw myself to recalibrate.

I can’t begin to describe how magical it’s been illustrating using the Cintiq 13HD Touch graphic pen tablet. My line work’s been more detailed, accurately reflecting how I would usually draw with a regular pencil and paper. Used a variety of Oil, Acrylic, and wash brushes from