I made a schedule of 2016-2017 Project Goals (for my eyes only) and I reached my first goal today, yay!

It was to nail down the lower third/onscreen designs for my ongoing web show, Token Talk presented by Racebending. You got the sneak peek in a previous post but after more than a month of doing test runs and working in my colleagues’ notes, I finally figured out the design format.

For the 'NEWS' segment.

For the ‘NEWS’ segment.

'NEWS' segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

‘NEWS’ segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

Image above: our show starts off with a “This Week In News” segment that does a roundup of news in diversity, racebending, social justice, etc. Sometimes the host Dariane Nabor does the news solo and sometimes she might have a guest host like our co-producer Catherine Manabat, so the main titles reflect that. I also wanted to credit Peter Ngaou as he’s been responsible for gathering the most interesting news bytes for our roundup.

I created a photo sidebar that would have a short caption and accompanying image. It’s specifically on stage left so Dariane can sit stage right (where she has full view of both the prompter and live feed) and a guest host can sit center.

'GUEST INTERVIEW' segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

‘GUEST INTERVIEW’ segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

Image above: For the “Guest Interview” portion, there’s another photo sidebar (that’s smaller than the sidebar during the “News” segment for a reason) with specific images and captions our guest(s) would like us to promote. This includes projects, current/past gigs, and the items they’re selling in the Token Talk store. Using the Tricaster provided by XSN, we can make the image fullscreen too.

In the main title boxes, I add in their names, occupation, special announcements, fun facts, and any social media accounts they might have.

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We did some stop motion animation for my contemporary art class. I don’t know if the video will be uploaded but probably not. (Check out the final video below)

The video my team made was about another team mate’s vision she achieved during her traditional Lakota naming ceremony in which she saw herself first seated in a sweat lodge. Then she floated up to the top of the trees where she saw a bear roaring and waving its long claws. A flock of birds flew by, one of which flew towards her in which she pulled it into her chest capturing its essence. Then she discovered her Lakota name, translated to “Bear Heart Spirit Woman.”

I was in charge of making drawings of her which they scanned in and shrunk to a small size.

IMG_2713 (1)

We used a simple set up of a camera, tripod, two lights and the application Single Framer.


Here’s the final product:

ElsysVision from Mills New Genres on Vimeo.


OMGGGG, it’s here. Sadly, no one’s really commented on it in the Youtube comment section yet.

But that’s okay, I’m just happy it made it into the video.

The Post-It stop motion sequence is in the beginning and at the end of the Bonus Episode.

You can check out my past Post-It art here.

Props to Mike for suggesting I go for it. And thanks to Morrow, Jerry and Eddie for helping me create and edit the sequence.

SUMMARY: In this Bonus Episode, Korean 101 teachers Steve and Jasmine teach some of the choice language used in K-Town.

A rather unflattering, bloated photo of me, but whatever.

We’re making some parody videos for the K-TOWN Reality Show, including a “K-TOWN 101” on some slang and phrases you’ll hear in Koreatown.

At the last minute, Mike suggested I make a fun title sequence with Post-It notes. So with the help of the A.D. Morrow, executive producer Eddie and lead editor Jerry, we assembled it in a few hours time.

We then disassembled it for the video by taking photos every time we took away about five Post-It notes until all is left was a bare dry erase board. So when it’s played backwards, it looks like a cute stop-motion clip.

I’m not new to using Post-It notes to make pixelated images before (though this was the first time I wrote out words with them):

My first year in college was during the 2008 election. “Voting No on Prop 8” was all anyone could talk about on campus, so I made this. The pink triangle (upside down) is a reclaimed symbol that stands for gay rights and the gay pride movement.

It was right above my dorm bed.

In my sophomore year, I assembled a giant Post-It tulip inspired by the flowers in Super Mario.

In my first dorm room before I moved out of it in my third college year, I made a rainbow…because I’m really into rainbows. This was taken before I could buy more green Post-Its.

You can see the finished image in the background. This photo can be found on the sidebar of this blog along with two others.

EDIT. I’m going back to school again in two weeks. So depending on how time I have and how many Post-Its in my dwindling collection there still are, I’d love to make another Post-It image for my room.