Using this cartoony self-portrait of me.

This is actually my first time coloring a scanned drawing so there’s not much shading or experimenting going on.

There are very, very, very few tutorials on how to use Photoshop Elements 8 to color in line art, which I found surprising. Fortunately I found this Youtube video:

I had to rewatch the video a few times because it got a little confusing. So I’ll spell it for anyone who needs to work off of written and concise instructions:

1) Scan in your drawing. Open it up on Photoshop Elements 8.

2) Duplicate the Background image. Then make a New Layer. Make sure the New Layer is underneath the Background copy.

3) Click on Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Brightness/Contrast.

4) When the Brightness/Contrast box pops up, adjust the Contrast bar until it’s 100 until it looks right. The number will range.

5) Go back to your Layers box. Click on the bar that says Normal and adjust it to Multiply.

6) Now the lines on the image look like they’re bolder. Make sure to hide the original Background layer.

7) Now you’re free to color the image! Just make sure that all your color layers are underneath the Background copy, and you’ll be golden.

Here’s how my scanned drawing turned out:

NOTE: Please don’t be that jerk who’d use other people’s drawings/illustrations without permission.

I was watching my new guilty pleasure, Fashion Star, and had an urge to do some styling. Although I was limited by my lack of sewing skills, fortunately the internet is blessed with easy DIY T-shirt designs that could be done with a pair of scissors.

I was very intrigued by the skull cut-out and decided to reuse an old shirt to do just that.

Here are all the Google searches for “skull cut-out”:

I put a piece of paper inside to show you the skull cut-out.

I sketched out the skull on the back of the shirt with a white color pencil; making sure the eyes, nose and toothy smile were the right size in the right place.

Don’t worry about the lines not being clean enough, it gives the skull a more jagged, casual edge.

I had a ton of trouble with just a regular pair of scissors so if you have fabric shears, you’re in luck.

Tools: scissors and a white color pencil.

I wore it and thought it was missing something so I decided to make the T-shirt off-shoulder.

This is the video tutorial by the Youtuber CaraAmelie on how to do so:

And here’s a picture that’s only interesting to me:

All the fabric scraps.