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This is a belated Christmas present for my lovely friend. I tried to capture her adoration for origami, cherry blossoms, and Audrey Hepburn (I used the actress’ famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s photo as reference) — as well as her favorite colors mint green, pale pink, and dark hues. I had a ton of fun drawing her hair and experimenting with light and shadow.

Not sure why WordPress isn’t allowing a full size version of the portrait on my page but here’s a hair detail.


I made a schedule of 2016-2017 Project Goals (for my eyes only) and I reached my first goal today, yay!

It was to nail down the lower third/onscreen designs for my ongoing web show, Token Talk presented by Racebending. You got the sneak peek in a previous post but after more than a month of doing test runs and working in my colleagues’ notes, I finally figured out the design format.

For the 'NEWS' segment.

For the ‘NEWS’ segment.

'NEWS' segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

‘NEWS’ segment with guest host/photographer Jerome Villarin on Aug. 16, 2016.

Image above: our show starts off with a “This Week In News” segment that does a roundup of news in diversity, racebending, social justice, etc. Sometimes the host Dariane Nabor does the news solo and sometimes she might have a guest host like our co-producer Catherine Manabat, so the main titles reflect that. I also wanted to credit Peter Ngaou as he’s been responsible for gathering the most interesting news bytes for our roundup.

I created a photo sidebar that would have a short caption and accompanying image. It’s specifically on stage left so Dariane can sit stage right (where she has full view of both the prompter and live feed) and a guest host can sit center.

'GUEST INTERVIEW' segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

‘GUEST INTERVIEW’ segment with writer Michael Mejia on August 16, 2016.

Image above: For the “Guest Interview” portion, there’s another photo sidebar (that’s smaller than the sidebar during the “News” segment for a reason) with specific images and captions our guest(s) would like us to promote. This includes projects, current/past gigs, and the items they’re selling in the Token Talk store. Using the Tricaster provided by XSN, we can make the image fullscreen too.

In the main title boxes, I add in their names, occupation, special announcements, fun facts, and any social media accounts they might have.

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Since May 10, 2016 a couple months ago, I’ve embarked on a new project called Token Talk with host Dariane Nabor and co-producer Cat Manabat. Presented by Racebending (most famous for their anti-whitewashing Hollywood campaign against the live film adaptation of The Last Airbender), Token Talk is “a weekly live talk show promoting works by, for, and about underrepresented communities.”

Logo designed by Angela Gomez.

Logo designed by Angela Gomez.

Token Talk is a way to continue those conversations about underrepresented communities in pop culture. The show itself is broadcasted from Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA and produced by XSN, an online shopping network that dubs itself as “QVC 2.0.”

At its core, we want this to be a show that promotes work or products by, for, or about underrepresented groups. We want to do more than boycott whitewashed works. Show the industries you want to see more representation by voting with your dollar and supporting diverse works. We hope to encourage viewers to use their consumer power to support work done by diverse communities and show representation isn’t just about having a “token” [insert marginalized descriptor here] person. We hope to entertain viewers but also enrich, inform, and get them to discover and buy cool, diverse stuff, too!

      Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest episodes.

      Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

      Please contact us if you’d like to be a guest and/or have questions by using the email address listed on the business card design below!

We passed out these business cards during San Diego Comic-Con weekend to indie vendors. I designed the back.

My design.

My design.

I also designed lower thirds for our live broadcast:


EDIT. Pictures from set!

Our second episode featured artist Marcel Ramos and the duo behind Drunk Monk podcast (Will Choi and Keiko Agena, aka "Lane Kim" on Gilmore Girls).

Our second episode featured artist Marcel Ramos and the duo behind Drunk Monk podcast (Will Choi and Keiko Agena, aka “Lane Kim” on Gilmore Girls).

The time we had actor/martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr. and author Paul Krueger on the show!

The time we had actor/martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr. and author Paul Krueger on the show!

I customized some tongue-in-cheek business cards for my screenwriter boyfriend as a V-Day gift. I know screenwriters don’t usually have them or pass them out but these are more for fun than anything else.

I created them on Photoshop and then ordered them on Vistaprint. The image sizes are standard business card size of 3.5″x2″ (the sample below has been resized for my blog), 300dpi, and I used Courier 10 for the front image text. Courier 12 is more accurate of Final Draft’s automated font size but 12 didn’t fit so I had to make due.



I get bored with my default images so I try to switch it up every other week by coloring in my selfies. To reduce the amount of work, I resized each image to a 200 x 200 pixel square. I pressed on the I-key and hovered the cursor over a specific patch of color, which matched it to the “Set foreground color” swatch on my Toolbar. Then filled it in with my Brush Tool, flattening out the pixelated details to one color. This technique gave the drawing a stained glass window effect of colors.




I did these back in October with a similar technique but I didn’t use a photo as reference. I borrowed another drawing (a much more cartoony portrait of myself), cropped it to a slightly bigger square, and drew myself in two other costumes. I really adore the pumpkin one.




I drew this as a present for Mike’s parents when we went to visit them in Florida for Thanksgiving and to express my gratitude for their hospitality. Their house is full of family pictures because his parents love photographing themselves in different locales (and in matching outfits!) so I decided to make a fun, adorable caricature of each family member, including Mike.


This year, I decided to do something special for my 25th birthday. Instead of receiving gifts, I carried around a small black all-media sketchbook and some Sharpie pens so people would draw for me.

Someone thought I was super non-materialistic for requesting drawings instead of presents. Little did he know, I HELLA enjoy it when people give me doodles and I find some sadistic pleasure in how nervous others get when they’re drawing in front of me. #hehe

(Thank you to Mike for buying me the sketchbook for my birthday!)

(Thank you to Mike for buying me the sketchbook for my birthday!)

Above: This was on the first page. Excuse my chicken scratch. Some guidelines just in case but no one X’d any page, which is awesome!

(From Mike)

(From Mike)

Mike decided to draw me some turtles since I got him Pop! Vinyl figurines of all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (his childhood favorite) for his birthday last year. He told me he hasn’t drawn in many years so his hand was shaking as he tried his best to recreate the turtles he used to be an expert in cartooning when he was younger.

He personally disliked what he drew but I love it and I love how hard he tried anyway for the sake of giving me something thoughtful as a gift. I also think for someone who’s a bit rusty, his drawing skills are still tops. People who flipped through the sketchbook oo‘d and ah‘d when they came across his sketch because it’s just that good.

(From Christina M.)

(From Christina M.)

Christina M., famous for her tiny-ass handwriting, drew her tiny-ass drawing with a mechanical pencil when we were at a gelato shop. A few days later, she drew over the sketch with a Sharpie pen and wrote down the various “awesome” aspects of me. She was so focused both times, her nose was practically pressed up against the sketchbook. She drew me and I super adore it! :^D She really nailed down all the details of me: how I’d often wear a pencil skirt, boots, tights, and this casual green plaid dress shirt. My ever-present cup of coffee and how I’d always grasp it with both hands. She even got my layered hairstyle right!

She was so (hilariously) offended when I stopped by her workplace and her coworkers, who saw her tiny drawing, commented on the ’emaciated figure.’

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