Thank you for helping me get through a particularly difficult time in high school. Your music means more to me than I can put into mere words.

I used a composite of many photographs as a drawing reference. The rain effect is inspired by rain depiction in ukiyo-e art.

Please don’t use my image without permission or redistribute it without proper credit.

I customized some tongue-in-cheek business cards for my screenwriter boyfriend as a V-Day gift. I know screenwriters don’t usually have them or pass them out but these are more for fun than anything else.

I created them on Photoshop and then ordered them on Vistaprint. The image sizes are standard business card size of 3.5″x2″ (the sample below has been resized for my blog), 300dpi, and I used Courier 10 for the front image text. Courier 12 is more accurate of Final Draft’s automated font size but 12 didn’t fit so I had to make due.



I get bored with my default images so I try to switch it up every other week by coloring in my selfies. To reduce the amount of work, I resized each image to a 200 x 200 pixel square. I pressed on the I-key and hovered the cursor over a specific patch of color, which matched it to the “Set foreground color” swatch on my Toolbar. Then filled it in with my Brush Tool, flattening out the pixelated details to one color. This technique gave the drawing a stained glass window effect of colors.




I did these back in October with a similar technique but I didn’t use a photo as reference. I borrowed another drawing (a much more cartoony portrait of myself), cropped it to a slightly bigger square, and drew myself in two other costumes. I really adore the pumpkin one.




I drew this as a present for Mike’s parents when we went to visit them in Florida for Thanksgiving and to express my gratitude for their hospitality. Their house is full of family pictures because his parents love photographing themselves in different locales (and in matching outfits!) so I decided to make a fun, adorable caricature of each family member, including Mike.